Cloud Nine Labs General Process for Website and Design Development

Over the years we have created and refined a 5 step process that is used in the development of any product that we offer. The ultimate goal is to provide our team with a methodical road map that will lead to the creation of a product directed at what you are trying to accomplish and who you are trying to reach. Our close-knit team of designers, programmers, and artists are all brought together by this process in order to deliver you the best possible results and satisfaction.

Although these 5 steps may seem simple, there is a lot going on behind the scenes. We have a talented and capable team at your disposal who are passionate about what they do and will work with your best intentions in mind.

Step 1: Discover

This is the first step and can be conducted in person, by email or a phone call, whatever you feel most comfortable with. We get to know you, what your company does, who you are trying to reach and what you are trying to accomplish. This is also a great opportunity for you to get to know us: what we are good at, what we have done, and more importantly, what we can do for you. This information will help us assemble an estimate of time and cost to complete your project. Should you accept the estimate, we require a 50% deposit and we will get started right away.

For medium to large sized companies that are seeking multiple bids for complex project(s), we welcome formal RFP’s.

Step 2: Research

This is the most important part of any project because in order to develop an effective product, everyone on our team will need to completely understand what you are trying to accomplish and who you are trying to reach. We devote the time and energy to research competitors, demographics, user preferences, and may even conduct polls, surveys, and interviews depending on the scope of the project. The information gathered is centered around User Centered Design (UCD) which explores the needs, wants, and limitations of your target audience. By identifying and understanding your users, we can anticipate how they will react so the optimal design and technologies can be placed on the drawing board.

Step 3: Design

In this step we put our heads together, apply the research, and create a static visual proof or “mock-up” of a few of the core pages as it will appear on the web. You will receive a JPEG of this mock up that you can comment on, request changes to, or if it is the way you imagined it, accept it so we can begin constructing it for the web.

Our design team is made up of industry leading graphic designers, user-centered designers, and interface designers. They are critically acclaimed and have worked on hundreds of projects of all sizes ranging from industry titans such as Warner Brothers, Ferrari, and McDonalds, to one person start up companies.

Step 4: Develop

If your product is a website, this is where we turn designs into web code, based upon the mock-up you approved. Various codes, scripts, and web technologies are applied . We go to great lengths in order to ensure that your website is properly coded so that users can see it on any web browser and so that search engines can find it. Once this step is complete, we will send you a live mock-up on testing the URL. Once again, you provide feedback, request changes, or give us the thumbs up to go live.

Step 5: Deliver

In this final step, we clean and organize the files, setup the domain, server and hosting details, then put the website live on the web. For those of you who want to manage your domain and server yourself, we email the internet ready files to you so you have everything you need to take it live on your own.

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