Is your website usable?

Whether or not your website is delivering the expected user experience, lies in the perceptions of those who use it. As more and more technologies that interact websites become more prevalent, and as more and more sites like facebook evolve and become house hold experiences we are face with new needs and challanges to deliver the best experience to your target audience.

Here are some concepts to keep in mind.

Content: Does your website effectively convey who you are, how you are different, what you do and why you are better?

Navigation: How easy is it for your users to find their way around your site? How many clicks does it take to get to where you want them to go?

Calls to action: Are your site visitors doing the things you expect? Do people spend a reasonable amount of time on your site and is your site delivering the results you need?

Site load time and performance: Does your site have the right balance of graphic elements and responsiveness? Do people have time to get a coffee between page views?

Accessibility for users with disabilities: How accessible is the information on your website to users with disabilities? If you promote your organization as being an equal opportunity employer, how compliant is your website?

Content and readability: From formatting to grammar, how accurate and descriptive is your content? Does it compel your visitors to act?

This is a just a brief over view of issues to keep in mind with your site. If you are not on top of your site and your usability chances are that you are loosing clients.